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24 aug 2019
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Akkar: Chapter 2

Slovenská verzia už čoskoro. 

Akkar is the northernmost region of Lebanon, right next to the border with Syria. Since it is the most remote and unattended region of the country, life in it can be very hard. Due to its position, many refugees who fled from Syria ended up there and the refugee camps grew all over the region.

Akkar is a comic series created by Félix Brassier. Three women – Abla, Ghazwa and Rasha – unwind their stories for you in a series of three chapters that describe the everyday life in Akkar and the reasons, why so many people had to flee. The artist prepared this comic based on real stories of women teaching and living in Akkar.

What does education mean to these women? Why did they leave their homes and how do their lives look like now? What are their dreams and hopes?

Dive in and explore the second chapter of this true-life comic series.

People in Need Slovakia together with Relief and Reconciliation Lebanon and with the financial support of SlovakAid have been implementing a project involving support to Education of children and vocational training for youth during one year in Akkar (2018-2019).

The project focused on helping children from Syrian refugee communities and vulnerable Lebanese communities return back to school and keep up with the educational system in Lebanon. It also included vocational trainings for young people, in the fields of tailoring, carpentry, beautician and barber and English courses. 

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