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What we do

People in Peril is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which goal is to help those who need it most. Since 1999, we have lent a helping hand to people who are deprived of dignity and freedom by various circumstances. To people who suffer the consequences of war, victims of natural disasters, or those who live under the undemocratic regimes.

We do not operate only abroad. From the very beginning of our work, we have helped people in crises situations in Slovakia. After uniting with our colleagues from the Slovak branch of People in Peril in 2016, we have also supported people from excluded communities in Slovakia pushed to the margins of society by poverty. We work with small children and adults. We educate, provide job counselling, teach financial literacy, assist clients in building decent housing and push for a change in public policies. Through educational activities, we also attempt at contributing to building an open, tolerant and solidary society in Slovakia.

Our work is divided into four fundamental areas: development cooperation, humanitarian aid, social inclusion and global education. The One World documentary film festival, one of the organisation’s flagship, enjoys a special status.

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